Bob Richardson, an American figurative artist, born 1946, raised in New Jersey, found his home in Santa Fe New Mexico where he’s lived since the late sixties.

I am largely a self taught artist. I admit…school was a place I ran from. Yet, fortunately I always found comfort and the joy of expression in making art. Growing up close to N.Y.C. I spent Saturdays at the Art Student’s League. As a kid that was the coolest thing I could do. I studied with Tom Fogarty… master of the line. Painting with Ernest Fiene. After high school I attended Bard College . A great opportunity, wonderful environment… good studio time but…after my junior year I dropped out. It’s was just me. I wanted to go West… who didn’t? I drove cross country to beautiful Aspen. And it really was beautiful. later moved to San Francisco and finally on a trip to Mexico I passed through Santa Fe and found home.

Initially an abstract painter, the more time I spent at the easel, the more commonality I felt with figurative artists.  I started slowly transitioning my paintings to reflect my insights of people and to paint those visions on to canvas. When I’m painting I want to capture an unrehearsed moment of someone’s life … a snap shot in time